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  1. Why are liposomes so effective in eliminating tick-borne infections?

In laboratory studies, liposomal essential oils, herbs and antibiotics showed a greater antimicrobial effect on pathogens and significantly less toxicity than their non-liposomal version. Essential oils and antibiotics encapsulated in liposomes showed greater penetration into biofilms, cells, crossing the blood-brain barrier than their non-liposomal version in laboratory and animal studies.

  1. What happens after the biofilm is split do liposomes also eliminate bacteria and cysts?

According to scientific research, herbs and liposomal oils eliminate microorganisms and spore forms more effectively from their non-liposomal counterparts.

  1. Do liposomes also have other functions besides eliminating microorganisms?

Yes, liposomes are nothing but phospholipid vesicles which are a part of our cells. Research shows that tick-borne infections such as borrelia, babesia, bartonella, brucella, mycoplasma can damage cells and mitochondria. The result may be symptoms such as chronic fatigue, muscle pain, cognitive problems, depression. Phospholipids help regenerate damaged cells.

  1. Can microorganisms become resistant to liposomes?

This is very unlikely

  1. How to use liposomes in the case of hypersensitivity to herbs?

Sensitive people and those with stomach problems should supplement liposomelic herbs about 30 minutes after a meal. Consultation with a doctor or phytotherapist is required.

  1. Who should not use liposomal herbs and oils?

Pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, children up to 12 years of age.

  1. Do we immediately apply maximum doses of 3 x 20 drops a day?

The dose of herbs for each person is individual.

It is recommended to gradually increase the supplementation starting from a few drops three times a day. The formula can be applied to a glass of water or directly into the mouth to be washed down with water.

  1. Can one overdose liposomes?

One should not exceed the maximum dose of the formula.

  1. Are liposomes safe?

Liposome / phospholipid as a carrier of active compounds of herbs and oils is the safest form of delivering these substances to our body. Our cells ar largely made of phospholipids. The liposomal form of delivery of active compounds is much safer and more natural than, for example, in the form of an alcohol tincture. Essential oils and herbs which are found in liposinic formulas occur there in a much lower concentration than those given in the classic form, and therefore we apply smaller doses that are safer.  Essential oils and herbs that are in the formulas are completely safe, their doses are minimal and much smaller than those applied in the classic non-liposomal form.

Many of the essential oils are also classified by the FDA as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). In 2014, internal dosing recommendations for many of these oils were published, including those used internally.

  1. For how long will a 100ml bottle of liposomes be sufficient?

Everyone has individual dose tolerances. On average, one formula is enough for 30 days of use.

  1. Should probiotics be taken while using liposomal herbs?

For the people after a long-term antibiotic therapy and with a tendency to candida, it is recommended to use probiotics while taking liposomal herbs. The distance between taking liposomal herbs and probiotics should be 3 hours.

  1. Do I damage healthy intestinal biofilm with liposomes?

Most liposomes are absorbed into the cells of our body before they reach the intestines. Their time in the intestines is very short. The half-life in our body is several hours, they are not antibiotics, whose concentration must be maintained at a constant level.

Probiotics and medicinal mushrooms such as, for example, the Trametes, Ganoderma, Fomes fomentarius, promote the rebuilding of a useful biofilm, which meets amongst others, the functions of intestinal sealing.

  1. What is Herx?

Jarisch-Herxheimer’s reaction is the intensification of already existing and / or new symptoms in combination with the start of antibiotic / liposomal herbs / essential oils in some infections, such as, for example, borrelia, bartonella, babesia, mycoplasma, brucella, candida, parasites. These symptoms occur at various time points depending on the medicine used and current infections. Herx may range from mild to severe and include worsening of the underlying symptoms as well as showing new symptoms. For example, flu-like symptoms, headaches, eye pain, muscle and joint pains, fatigue, sleep disorders, tingling and numbness and mental symptoms may occur. Often the Herxheimer’s reaction is described as a reaction involving the elimination of microorganisms, when bacteria are destroyed, they dole out, for example, toxins that activate a strong response of the immune system, inflammation which we then start to feel as a symptom.

Can Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction occur during liposome supplementation?

According to scientific studies, people who use antibacterial liposomal essential oils can observe greater Herxheimer reactions at much lower doses than non-liposomal oils.

I have Herxy when using herbs, what should I do?

According to scientific studies, herbs and essential oils have bactericidal, protozoicidal and parasiticidal properties. The elimination of microorganisms can trigger the so-called Jarisch-Herxheimer reactions, it is the reaction of our body to the toxins of dead microorganisms that are secreted in large quantities. In case of a strong Herxheimer reaction, reduce the dose of herbs by half or discontinue using the hers for 3 days and then return to the dose reduced by half.The proper detox of the body and the elimination of toxins is also very important.

How can people with Lyme disease have Herxheimer reactions after Herxheimer on many cycles of antibiotics / bactericidal herbs? How many bacteria can a person have for it to cause so many of these reactions? Why does it take so long to eliminate these microorganisms?

Herxy in chronic Lyme disease are caused by the combination of a relatively small amount of bacterial destruction and a relatively larger number of so-called Blebs. The bubbles are decoys. They are small particles that are released from the surface of both borrelia and bartonella in order to confuse the immune system. For the immune system, they seem to be identical to the bacteria. Bubbles occur as part of the stress response in bacteria and induce immune dysfunction in the host, causing excessive and abnormal stimulation, which ultimately results in anergy (failure to properly recognize the infection by the immune system). Vesseling occurs much more intensively during Herxheimer reactions when we use, for example, an antibiotic or bactericidal herb.

  1. I react with strong herx even for minimal doses of herbs / oils / antibiotics, what can be the reason?

There may be several reasons

Excess toxins in the body

Excess toxins in the intestines

Parasites of the digestive system

Intestinal infections

Exposure to molds, e.g. in the place of residence

Sinus infections with mold / fungi
High levels of histamine
Methylation problems

CYP450 genes


There are people whose main problem may be an excess of toxins in the body. In the case of these patients, it is recommended to perform an appropriate detox before using liposomal formulas. Detox must take into account supplements, diet, intestinal sealing and elimination of parasites. It should be carried out under the supervision of a nutritionist.

  1. How should I eliminate toxins from my body?

Lyme borreliosis is a multi-infection, in which bacteria, protozoa, viruses produce toxins that do not damage our body’s cells. Neurotoxins accumulate in fat cells, eg myelin sheath, then the immune system recognizes them, activates proinflammatory cytokines that break down and excrete toxins from cells (methylation cycle).

Toxins are eliminated to the liver and if everything runs successfully through the bile ducts, they enter the intestines where they are bound and excreted. To bind toxins in the gut we can use such supplements as fulvic acid, activated carbon, bamboo shoots Takesumi, Terminalia chebula. It should be emphasized that healthy sleep, glim- phatic and lymphatic systems play a very important role in the process of purifying toxins. For people with intense and strong herpes, a DETOX supplement is recommended, which we use just before entering the sauna and 15 minutes after leaving the sauna.

Genes responsible for detox MTHFR / GST / GPX may also be very important..

  1. How to recognize an allergic reaction when taking herbs?

People who are allergic to any compound or herb should not use supplements containing them. If you get an itchy rash, runny nose or other signs of allergic reaction, put away the herbs.

  1. Do liposomal oils / herbs match antibiotics in bactericidal activity?

Numerous scientific studies confirm that, for example, liposomal essential oils have a higher bactericidal effectiveness and eliminate spore forms / biofilms / from antibiotics.

  1. Is it possible to combine antibiotics with liposomal herbs?

Yes, but a minimum of 2 hours should be used between the herbs and the antibiotic in order to exclude possible interactions. However, the final decision should be made to by a doctor who will properly interpret the occurrence of possible interactions. It should be emphasized that liposomal essential oils work in synergy with most antibiotics. They mutually strengthen their bactericidal activity.


In laboratory and animal studies, essential oils and their main components increase the effectiveness of antibacterial and anti-biofilm antibiotics, antifungal drugs and antiparasitic drugs.

  1. Can drugs be combined with liposomes?

According to scientific research, herbs and essential oils can abolish or interact with immunosuppressive drugs, beta blockers, contraceptive pills, and diabetes medicines. Therefore, it is not recommended to combine these drugs with herbs. For the other drugs, the final decision about the use belongs to the doctor.

  1. Can I use any amount of liposomal formulas at the same time?

We maximally supplement two formulas at the same time. Formulas can be used at the same time starting from 1-5 drops three times a day each, gradually increasing the dose. If we have more than one co-infection that generates symptoms, we can rotate / change formulas every month or two months depending on the changing symptoms.

  1. Do I have to help eliminate all the infection at the same time?

There is no need. Our immune system prioritizes and chooses the dominant infection, which at the moment is, according to the immune system, the biggest threat to our body. The immune system attacks the microorganism and generates symptoms that are specific to the infection. Symptoms of many infections rarely occur together. If, for example, the dominant infection is Babesia, then symptoms such as night sweats, shortness of breath, strong fears, cold intolerance and low-grade fever may appear. Supporting the elimination of Babesia with the formula for BABESIA, we make the immune system change the dominant infection to another, for example Bartonella, then the symptoms are also characteristic for this infection.

It should be emphasized that if we focused only on one infection for a longer period of time, e.g. 6 months, it could be ineffective, because the immune system may change within 4-6 weeks one dominant pathogen to the other. Therefore, we focus on eliminating the dominant pathogen.

  1. How do I know what infection I have, what infection is dominant. What formula should I choose for the symptoms I have?

We do not have 100% effective tests for tick-borne infections. We must therefore base on symptomatic diagnostics. Each infection has a symptomatic pattern, based on the symptoms we can deduce which microorganism is dominant in us.

Symptoms Borrelia, Babesia, Bartonella, Mycoplasma, Viruses, Parasites, Molds

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  1. What is the order of eliminating tick infections?

First of all, we eliminate infections that generate dominant symptoms. Borrelia is rarely the dominant pathogen. Only exceptionally virulent borrelia genotypes give dominant symptoms. In a great number of cases, Babesia and Bartonella are the dominant pathogens and we eliminate these microorganisms first. If the symptomatic picture is unreadable, there is too many non-specific symptoms, we first eliminate parasites, toxins and seal the intestines. Molds and high levels of histamine may also distort the symptomatic picture. The genes responsible for the MTHFR / GST / GPX detox and also the appropriate compensation of cleansing may be very important.


Protocol for the purification and restoration of normal gene functions http://www.fitonutrigenomika.com

  1. Antibiotics and standard herbal protocols do not help me what could be the reason for this?

There may be several reasons

  1. a) Biofilm – As evidenced by laboratory tests, about 80% of antibiotics promote the formation of biofilm, most commonly used herbal protocols are not very effective in eliminating biofilms. Liposomal essential oils and herbal extracts penetrate the interior of the biofilm and gradually eliminate it. Bacteria in the biofilm take food from the outside, they feed, among others, phospholipids / liposomes that penetrate into the biofilm, releasing bactericidal substances.

List of antibiotics that increased biofilm production in laboratory research:

– Aminoglikozyd (Gentamycyna – P. aeruginosa,
Różne – E. coli, Tobramycin – E. coli and P.
– Aminocoumarin (Novobiocin – S. epidermidis)
– b-laktam (Ampicillin – S. intermedius,
Imipenem – P. aeruginosa i A. baumannii,
Nafcillin – S. lugdunensis,
Oxacillin – S. aureus,różne – E. coli)
– Cefalosporyna (Cefaleksyna – S. aureus,
Cefalotin – S. aureus,
Cefazolin – S. lugdunensis,
Cefamandole – S. epidermidis,
Cefotaxime – S. typhimurium)
– Chloramfenikol – E. coli
– Fluorochinolon (Cyprofloksacyna – S.
intermedius i P. aeruginosa,
Moksyfloksacyna – S. lugdunensis,
różne – E. coli)
– Glikopeptyd (Vancomycin – S. epidermidis &
S. aureus & S. lugdunensis)
– Lipopeptyd (Daptomycyna – S. lugdunensis)
– Makrolid (azytromycyna – S. epidermidis,
Klarytromycyna – P. aeruginosa i S.
Erytromycyna – S. epidermidis,
różne – E. coli)
– Oksazolidon (Linezolid – S. aureus & S.
epidermidis and E. coli)
– Rifamycyna (Rifampin – S. epidermidis and S.
lugdunensis and E. coli)
– Streptogramin (Quinupristin-dalfopristin – S.
epidermidis and S. lugdunensis)
– sulfonamid (trimetoprim / sulfametoksazol
– S. lugdunensis)
– Tetracyklina – S. epidermidis and S. intermedius
& S. lugdunensis & E. coli and P. aeruginosa)

  1. b) Viruses – If you have symptoms such as chronic fatigue, memory problems, chronic pharyngitis and neurological symptoms that antibiotics cannot eliminate

EBV, CMV, HSV, VZV, HHV, Enterovirus (Coxsackie B1, Coxsackie B3, Coxsackie B4, Echovirus 6, EV75, EV79, EV88, EV93, EV94, EV97, EV100, EV101, EV104, EV109), Parvovirus Retroviruses HERV-K, HTLV-II and XMRV.

The liposomal formula for VIRUSES includes all of the mentioned viruses and additionally deactivates the cell danger response mechanism (CDR) activated by viruses.

Most of these viruses are extremely common for humans: Epstein Barr virus affects about 90% of adults, HHV-6 occurs in almost 100% of adults (and 80% of children aged 2 years), HHV-7 occurs in 98% of adults, antibodies Coxsackie virus is found in 55% of adults, Coxsackie B3 in 7% of infants, Coxsackie B4 in 2% of babies, echovirus 9 in 2% of babies, cytomegalovirus in 58% of adults, Parvovirus B19 in 61% of adults, herpes simplex virus type I in 54% of adults and herpes simplex virus in 16% of adults. These pathogens cannot be eliminated, they are controlled by the immune system (a healthy immune system ensures that these pathogens are kept dormant). There is, however, evidence that in patients with Lyme disease these pathogens are not adequately suppressed by the immune response.

c) Parasites of the digestive and nervous system–  coexisting symptoms on the part of the digestive and nervous systems that do not respond to antibiotic therapy may indicate parasites. Pathologist Dr. Alan MacDonald detected nematodes during an autopsy of the brain tissues of patients suffering from Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, dementia, brain glioma and Alzheimer’s disease. Dr MacDonald also showed that Borrelia spirochetes hide inside parasitic nematodes, causing chronic brain diseases, he found three strains of borrelia bacteria living in parasitic nematodes, nematode eggs and larvae of these parasites. Dr MacDonald says that both nematodes and borrelia can cause catastrophic brain damage. Even a tick a mosquito or a fly can carry nematodes. https://borelioza-zielarz.com/2016/08/06/nicienie/

The liposomal formula for PARASITES supports the elimination of both the parasites from the digestive system and the nematodes from the nervous system. Supplementation lasts from 60 to 90 days. Avoid antioxidant vitamins during 60 or 90 days. Vitamins will serve as an antidote for herbal medicines and protect parasites from their effects. Why bother yourself with eliminating parasites if you intend to nourish them with vitamins!
A detailed protocol supporting the elimination of parasites will be available with the formula.

  1. d) Molds / myocotoxins–  Aflatoxin, Deoxynivalenol, Fumonisin, Ochratoxin, Zearalenone, Trichothene, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Stachybotrys. When symptoms of sinuses, allergies, neurological symptoms intensify in, for example, the place of residence, during wet rainy weather, molds should be considered. The formula “DETOX” binds mold mycotoxins however, the key is to eliminate the source of mold.

  1. e) Environmental toxins, heavy metals to which we are exposed:

Heavy / toxic metals

Arsenic, cadmium, copper, chromium, lead, manganese, mercury, nickel, zinc

Petrochemical products / solvents

Acetylaldehyde, benzene, benzopyrene, chloroform, formaldehyde, methyl ethyl ketone, naphthalene, toluene, trichlorethylene, xylene

PCB TCE / DDE / DDT / Dieldryna / Chloran / fuel for jet engines /

Diesel fuel / Petrol / Perfumes / Acetone / Bleech / Hairspray

Nail polish / Peroxide / Benzene / toluene / xylene and many more

We live in times when our body is exposed to thousands of toxins.

Our immune system meets with them for the first time and must learn again what type of threat they are. It often interprets an environmental toxin such as a bacterial infection, reacting too intensely leading to chronic inflammation or even autoimmune processes. Another form of reaction to repeated toxin exposure is compensation, our immune system is overtired and does not react properly to the real threat, e.g. tick-borne infections. The liposomal formula for DETOX supports detox on many levels restores normal functions to many biochemical processes.

f) Genes

Many people with chronic Lyme disease are the owners of so-called dirty genes that inhibit the healing process, for example, they make it difficult for them to eliminate toxins from the body, deal with pain, reduce inflammation or activate the proper function of the immune system. It is recommended to perform an appropriate genetic test and its interpretation, arrange a proper diet and to counter a personalized herbal formula by a phytonutrgenomic specialist or a phytotherapist www.fitonutrigenomika.com

g) Other reasons for the lack of improvement include leaky intestines, candida, chronic insomnia, and comorbid diseases:

Candida –Fungus that very quickly becomes immune to antimycotics and herbs, which is why it is so important to rotate herbs and medications on average every two weeks. Another solution is the use of complex liposomal herbal and oil formulas, which candida cannot immunize to. The liposomal formula on CANDIDA supports the elimination of all candida forms of different genotypes and biofilms. In the treatment of fungal infections, elements such as diet, hormones (cortisol, progesterone, estrogen) heavy metals (mercury, arsenic, aluminum, copper and iron) and genetic factors (“EPHX”, “MMP-1”, “SOD2”, and GPX1 “and” TNF-α “)–  www.fitonutrigenomika.com  .

  1.  What is the role of the patients genes in Lyme disease?There is a cause-and-effect relationship between the gene polymorphism and greater susceptibility to tick-borne infections, borrelia, e.g. MTHFR, bartonella e.g. NOS3, mycoplasma e.g. PEMT ….

Many patients with chronic Lyme disease are the owners of genetic mutations, e.g. innate immunity errors that increase their susceptibility to specific pathogens such as candida and herpesviruses.

For example:

herpetic encephalitis (TLR3-UNC93B1-IFN mutations – / pathway) chronic mucocutaneous cutaneous (mutations in the IL-17).

Patients with borreliosis who do not have a clear progression while on antibiotics or herbs should consider implementing …

  1. Under what conditions should I keep liposomes?

Liposomal formulas are recommended to be kept in the refrigerator, because it extends their usefulness. After the first opening the bottle with the liposomal formula it is advised to keep them only in the refrigerator.

  1. How long should I use herbs / oils to be asymptomatic?

The length of supplementation depends on the severity and number of symptoms.



  1. I was on antibiotics after a few months, the symptoms came back, what could be the reason?

There may be several reasons

  1. a) If, during antibiotic therapy, the elimination of biofilm has not been taken into account then the relapse of the disease occurs.
  2. b) The infection has not been completely eliminated, e.g. bartonella relatively often gives a quick relapse after discontinuation of antibiotics.
  3. c) Some antibiotics have anti-inflammatory effects that can reduce symptoms.
  4. d) The immune system can be severely weakened after the antibiotic therapy and is unable to leash the bacteria that have been in spore forms.
  5. Can children use liposomes?

Yes, children from 12 years of age can supplement liposomes. It is best to start with minimal doses of 3 x 5 drops and increase gradually by observing the reactions.

Do not exceed the maximum dose.