Patients with Lyme disease, especially those infected with bartonella, have bladder symptoms similar to those seen in standard bladder infections. These symptoms include:

– a greater urge to urinate,

– bladder pain and pain during urination,

– bladder contractions,

– increased frequency of urination.

These symptoms are often the result of a condition called interstitial cystitis. Bartonella is the most common cause of these symptoms in Lyme disease. The final stage is the inflammation of the bladder lining. The treatment is directed to rebuilding the healthy bladder lining and reducing inflammation. The combination of drugs for inflammation is (L-Arginine, Quercetin, Glucosamine HCL). Can be used together with antimicrobial agents. The following products should be eliminated from your diet for 3-4 weeks: chocolate, citrus juices, coffee, cranberry juice, beans, cured, processed, smoked and canned meat, most fruits except blueberries, melon and pears, nuts with the exception of almonds, cashews and nuts pine, onions, rye bread, spices and everything that contains MSG: sour cream, sourdough bread, soy, tea, tofu, tomatoes, yogurt.


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