The imprint of Lyme disease


When swine flu takes three lives, somewhere in a country forgotten by everybody; when Zika’s virus claims 2 billion dollars from US taxpayers’ wallets; when bird flu puts all the epidemiological services of all European ministries on their feet, then almost all media make it a worldwide sensation and they press the red alarm button, introducing panic and a state of disorientation. But still, when another sick person suffers and dies from Lyme disease somewhere in the emergency room or in the comfort of his own home, it seems normal and somehow natural.

Why does the imprint of Lyme disease still last ?

When the AIDS and LYME twins came into the world in the early 1980s, it was well known from the start, that LYME is an unwanted child that should be quickly forgotten. Everyone was delighted with the “beauty” of AIDS, which is why it was devoted to over 30 years of study. The rejected twin, in retrospect, was a bacterial variety of viral AIDS. Undervalued and forgotten for a very long time, it finally comes back to the surface. Raised as an unwanted child in orphanages, taken in by ILADS, unrecognizable and chastised in the eyes of the family.And yet equally “gifted” and uncontrollable.
Till this very day “he” sleeps on stairways, with the world looking at him like a stray. But as his revenge, LYME successfully collects innocent victims every year, in the form of a family quarrel.


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